Energy Survey

We will arrange a free energy assessment on your property, this includes a plan and design of the new products with absolute zero obligation.


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Plan & Design

We only work with planners and installers that have at least 15 years experience guaranteeing you the lowest costs available, these companies also adhere to strict competition and marketing compliance rules.

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Christmas installation slots are still available for all booked jobs up untill _____________. All installs are carried out via locally appointed representatives and come with a comprehensive 10 year guarentee.

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Scrappage Scheme

There are window scrappage schemes available across England, Scotland and Wales.

The companies offering these schemes generate revenue from recycling the old plastic, glass & metal from your old Windows & Doors. The amount of recycled material determines the scrappage value, so the more items you replace, the bigger your discounts will be.

Scrappage schemes aren't backed by the government, but they help to set trends for the industry, making products & prices more competitive. The smaller companies can sometimes offer you better and more up-to-date products & prices as they are more adaptable to changes in the market so it is always worth comparing a selection of different companies.

Replacing your Windows & Doors also has a large positive impact on the environment as your home will be more energy efficient. You can expect to save up to £2,800 per year on energy bills, giving you even more reasons to get up-to-date replacements.

Replacement windows and doors are often the first choice people make when it comes to staying warm and saving energy.

In addition to these obvious reasons for double or triple glazing, there are the added benefits of increased security, reduced noise, less condensation, fewer draughts, and not to forget the aesthetic benefit of smart new windows and doors.

Saving energy means saving money and the Energy Saving Trust has estimated the following annual savings where heating is provided by a gas fired boiler in a single glazed property:


Next Steps...

These Schemes are available to all homeowners, with outdated or non guaranteed windows, doors, and conservatories.

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